If you’re like most people, at some point you’ve had a dream to travel the world. When you’re able to take in nature in its entirety, you’re often left brimming with awe. This passion for travel, this desire to be amazed, and craving for cultural enlightenment has created the flourishing travel industry. In fact, travel is the fastest growing industry at $2.3 trillion U.S dollars.

This rapidly growing industry combined with our technological advances has led the average consumer to do their research online more than anywhere else. The thriving consumer base is consistently looking for three things: Spectacles, safety and simplicity. At the end of the day, that’s what the travel industry boils down to: “Who can provide the simplest, safest way to a natural or cultural spectacle?”. What this tells us is that there is a growing need for online travel consultation.

And I’m the right person to provide that service. Blessed with wanderlust and a passion for writing, I have traveled the world and now offer my first hand experience as a seasoned travel agent. What’s more is that I offer my professional services as a blogger and copywriter to anyone in my niche.

I offer my copywriting services in the following areas:

Travel Destinations – There are over 32,000 travel destinations that one can visit. This means it’s impossible for anyone to see everything. I offer my professional advice on the best places to visit to maximize resource expenditure and time management.

Travel Tips – After studying how most people travel, I came to one conclusion: Most people don’t know how to effectively travel; often over-packing on the unnecessary, forgetting the essentials, and not considering all the important factors. I offer Need-To-Know information that will dramatically improve quality of life while traveling.

Travel News – I take a in depth look at what’s happening in the travel industry every day ranging from global events, international relations, and special festivals and compile it for you in this section. I aim to make sure that any consumer has the most pertinent information available at their fingertips.

Copywriting for Professionals in the Travel & Hospitality Industries:

For those in the travel and hospitality industries, investing in quality and expert copywriting for your website can prove invaluable. Having this information on your website can drastically enhance your website and business.

Professional travel/hospitality copywriting can help your business to:

• Improve the audience engagement value of your website and social media pages, by offering information that strikes a conversation.

• Increase web traffic to your site by offering valuable, viral and vital travel information that your audience is craving access to.

• Establish you and your company as an industry expert when it comes to traveling and hospitality.